About Me

A number of years ago, I received a high end (at the time) compact camera in a competition. I had little idea at the time what course that would set me down!

I so enjoyed the use of the camera, that I purchased my first DSLR: the Canon 500d (or Rebel T1i as it’s known in the States). Initially using it as a point and shoot, I quickly became addicted to taking photos at every opportunity. Over time I have learnt a lot about the art and the technical side of photography.

Over the years I was enlisted by a couple of local dramatic groups to take photos during shows and for promotional material, and friends (and friends of friends) requested me to take head shots of them. I assisted at a few weddings before deciding that photography as a business was something I wanted to do, shooting my first solo wedding in early 2014.

So here I am, with numerous years of practice and experience, hoping to provide you with a personal and professional experience. Whether it be in a family portrait session, a wedding, a show, head shots, or a more esoteric project, I’m happy to work to the best of my ability to provide what you require.

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